When most people think of college they think of a sprawling campus, huge lecture halls and a bustling Greek life scene. But there is a whole other type of college experience that offers tremendous benefits and the liberal arts education has more value now than ever. Here are a few ways that you benefit if you choose a liberal arts school.

Creativity Flourishes

Liberal arts schools tend to be much smaller than the traditional university. As such, you have numerous opportunities to be seen and heard in every class. In fact, you may not be able to escape participation, which may seem like a bummer but will do wonders for your self-esteem and analytical abilities. What’s more, you are likely to get to know your professors on a first-name basis, an excellent way to network and expand your knowledge base. When you graduate, the small class sizes will likely improve your problem-solving capacities, make you a better speaker and give you a ready-made list of contacts for your job search.

Interdisciplinary is Key

Nowadays the people who are making the most money are the ones who can think creatively and make connections that others don’t readily see. What better way to prepare for such a job market than by employing an interdisciplinary approach. Most liberal arts classes draw on several disciplines, bringing them together in ways you would not expect. It may seem strange at first that a literature class would employ psychological analysis or historical texts, but if you think about it, understanding psychology could make for some fascinating characters and history is one of the best stories we’ve got! Life is rarely as segmented as we learn in school. Everything is connected and the sooner we learn that, the more equipped we are to handle a variety of situations.

Teachers That Care

It would be unfair to say that all large universities employ professors that are disinterested in student welfare; however faculty members are taxed with doing a great deal of research and are expected to publish on a consistent basis, so sometimes you are not their first priority. Liberal Arts schools typically place far less importance on research and far more on teaching. The result is a group of amazingly talented professors who are more interested in your progress than their own.

Of course liberal arts schools are not for everyone; some may want more anonymity on campus or broader possibilities in terms of activities and classes. However, if you know what your interests are and really want to hone your skills, a liberal arts education can offer a great deal to the engaged student.

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