The summer after high school graduation, you land an internship at Google. It’s an amazing experience. So amazing, that at the end, when you’re offered a full-time engineering position with the company, you jump at the opportunity.

That’s exactly what happened to a young man named Michael Sayman, according to a post by Bloomberg. Sayman, who recently turned 18, decided to forego higher education; a move that some people applaud but one that he may regret later on. 

If you’re a high school graduate weighing your options between going to college and joining the work force, consider the benefits that further education offers beyond a diploma.

Develop Independent Living Skills

Fresh out of high school and think you know it all? Not all graduates have found their passion by the age of 17 or 18. Some need more time to develop their sense of self and to determine the right path. 

Independent living doesn’t necessarily mean living alone. It means developing self-reliance. It means gaining control over yourself, your finances, and your life. It means growing into a self-sufficient, self-disciplined individual.

Build Lasting Relationships

One of the biggest benefits of college is the wealth of networking opportunities that exist. Sure, you’ll meet people on the job. However, the abundance of college connections – classmates, educators, guest speakers – and the breadth of campus activities – social, sports, volunteer – provide the potential to meet new and interesting people and build lasting relationships.

What’s even better is that college graduates can leverage these college relationships to jump start and advance future career goals.

Learn Transferrable Skills 

College is one of best platforms for learning life skills, like cooking and housekeeping, and for enhancing business skills, such as teamwork, presentation, and communication.

College is a time to grow up, expand your knowledge, and learn more about yourself and your interests. College offers a unique bridge between leaving the comfort and support of home and learning to live on your own.

If you’re ready to head to college, you don’t have to do it alone. There are apps to help you get into college, apps to help you while you’re there, and apps to help you when it’s time to find a career.  We know all about apps.  For more information, review our website, read our blog, and watch for more to come.

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