How To Balance College And Work

Balancing college and work takes a lot of time and effort. It’s important to be open with your employer about your school responsibilities so that you can manage your time wisely. Remember that you need to include time for homework and rest in your schedule. With just a few simple tips, you can handle your school and work schedule with ease.


As soon as you find out your school schedule, let your employer know what hours you are available. If you are open with your employer, he or she is more likely to be flexible with your hours. Allow yourself time for classes and homework, and don’t be afraid to ask for less hours during midterm and final tests to make sure that you have plenty of study time.

Time Management

When you aren’t working or in class, make sure that you are spending sufficient time on homework for each class, but don’t let homework take over your life. We all have certain responsibilities at home, and ignoring those responsibilities will just heighten your stress level. Manage your time wisely by keeping ahead on your homework and handling other responsibilities as they come.

Rest and Relaxation

It is vital for your health to have some time for rest and relaxation. Every once in a while, give yourself a few hours to just sit and watch television or get together with friends in a comforting environment. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep every night. If you put off rest and relaxation, you won’t be able to concentrate on school or work.

Working while you are in college is a brave and sometimes necessary responsibility to take on. Whether you are working to pay your bills or your tuition, save for your future, or just have a little extra spending money, remember that you can’t do everything. Be willing to ask for help when needed and don’t feel guilty about it. We all need a little extra help at times.

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