Top Free Apps For Serious University Students

For students in university who are serious about the education they are receiving, having top flight applications they can use on their phone is serious business. Below are a few such apps you may find helpful.  

QuickVoice Recorder

The vast majority of university courses are taught in lecture format. This consists of a professor telling the students what it is that they need to know. Of course, when the droning of these lectures is going on for hours at a time, it is easy for one to become bored or inattentive. To combat this, using the QuickVoice Recorder app, one may record the lecture and play it back to themselves at a later time to make sure that they don’t miss anything important.


It is difficult to create a list of free applications and not mention Evernote. This astounding app makes it easy to record notes on the go. Even better, Evernote allows for the inclusion of things like photos and videos, which can all be attached to the app. gives a great description of Evernote here,

You can type a note, take a photo, record audio or attach a file in this app that syncs to all your connected devices. The more you use it, the more uses you’ll find for it. (For starters, it’s great for group projects and term paper research.)

Lose It!

This app is a little different from the first two in that it is not study based. However, it does help with tracking the health of the student, and of course one’s health is essential to performing well in school as well as life in general. This app helps to track the calorie intake and output that you have on any given day. Helping you see the calories that you are putting into your body and the amount of exercise (or lack thereof!) that you are doing is helpful in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Stay tuned as we uncover more useful apps for your college career.

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