The Modern University Professor: An Expert In Technology?

Many would argue at this point that the modern day university professor should be well equipped to manage some of the newer technologies that we (and more importantly students) are using. It is the common belief now that a classroom without modern technology is not the kind of classroom that today’s students are going to want to be a part of. Thus, many professors now are needing to learn more about the technologies that are being used by students. 

Expanding Learning To All Technology Mediums

Students often adapt to newer technologies before the rest of the world has a chance to catch up. University students tend to be younger than the general population and may have more time on their hands than what the average person has. They have time to tinker around with the new technologies as they are released and see which ones they like.

Meeting Students On Their Level

Professors who do adapt to the technologies that their students use are often better liked by the students, and they often are able to better reach those students and get them the information that they need to learn from the course. It is certainly better than just lecturing to those students and hoping that some small piece of what is being said will somehow leak in.

Using new technologies may be a bit of a sacrifice for a professor, but it is one worth making. Students learn more, and the professor learns something new along the way as well.

Students Can Help Their Professors Learn

A professor does not have to become a complete expert on the technologies that they are using. As long as they have a basic understanding of the technology, usually the students can help them learn the greater details of the technology to use it better. It is just that starting effort that has to be made by the professor.

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