The Ever-Changing Social Networking Rules Of College

One of the best places for social networking both in person and online is in college. Campuses are ripe for people wanting to get in touch with one another, and the technology savvy college students are often some of the first to embrace new social networks. 

So Long Facebook, Hello New Networks

Facebook at one point in time dominated social networking on college campuses. It still plays an important role, but its power has been somewhat diminished in recent years. blames this trend on more parents getting on Facebook than before,

Facebook used to be the “be all, end all” of social media but despite its popularity with us “old folks”, it is starting to become uncool among teenagers and young adults (maybe because their parents are using it too much!)

The Surge Of Mobile Social Networks

Teenagers and young adults might as well be physically attached to their smartphones. Ever since these types of phones have become commercially available on a mass scale, young people have had them. They are spending an ever increasing amount of time on these phones as well as they start to play an ever increasing role in the communication process.

Social networks which are based in mobile are becoming far more successful than the ones that rely entirely on computer usage. These are seen by many young people as far enough from their parents to be more fun as well as maintaining a level of privacy.

Social Networks Remain Active, But Unused

A lot of younger people do in fact still have social media accounts which are active, but which remain largely unused. They keep them live because they may want to use them from time to time simply to keep in touch with some older connections that they have, for whatever reason, lost touch with. However, they are not considered to be the cutting edge creations that they once were.

As with the internet, social networks are organic beings growing and changing as our population does. Who knows what the next hot site or app will be.

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