What Today’s University Student Is Expected To Bring To Class

Universities all around the world are grappling with how to handle students and their use of various technologies. They have run into some issues in terms of how to determine what the university student should be expected to bring with them, and what they may be using those technologies for. Obviously, no school wants to discourage their students from using technologies that will aid in their learning of the subject material. However, there are also concerns about technology as a distraction.

More Than Just A Lecture

The students of today are interested in making their lectures more exciting. What this means is that they do not wish to listen to a professor drone on about their subject. Many professors have been criticized for using this method.  The Guardian says that students now are expecting a different experience,

The idea is that technology can allow students to access online learning tools and interactive resources: students will no longer sit passively in the lecture hall, but instead be engaging with complementary material online.

The BYOD Generation

The BYOD in BYOD generation stands for “bring your own device”. It is the expectation that many students of today will not only be expected to bring their own electronic device, but that they will be required to. They already expect that their professors are going to use electronic means to teach them new material and that they are going to have to rely on the devices that they bring for themselves. Universities should capitalize on this by encouraging faculty to teach at least some of their material to students in electronic form.

Why Banning Devices Is A Bad Idea

Some professors long for the days of old when electronic devices were not a requirement to comprehend the material presented. Alas, those days are long gone. Trying to ban electronic devices in the classroom might as well be like trying to ban air. Students are going to use their devices anyway regardless of the rules, so professors might as well adapt to them. What many professors find is a pleasant experience of actually getting through to their students more effectively when they are willing to use electronics.

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