How College Students Can Improve Their Time Management Skills

Students in college will hear one particular message over and over again: college is all about time management. You can be the smartest student but struggle to do well in classes because you don’t know how to plan a schedule.

The good news is that time management isn’t anywhere near as difficult as it used to be. Students now have access to several resources that can help them budget their time better. It’s a lot different from having to write down all of your events in a planner. 

One simple tool that several students use is Google Calendar. The pros of Google Calendar are that it’s simple, free, and effective. It does exactly what you ask it to do: keep track of your events and send you planned notifications. Some colleges even link Google Calendar to students’ official university accounts.

But an important aspect of time management isn’t just writing down what you have to do. You also have to limit the amount of time you waste. Just as students have access to new resources, they’re all susceptible to new sources of distraction. While websites like Reddit and Tumblr may be entertaining, they can also keep students away from their homework.

To limit their amount of time on social media and other websites, students should consider using a time management app. RescueTime is a fantastic app that lets you know how you spend your time on your smartphone. It also allows you to set goals so you can work on improving your time management. There are two versions of the app: a free one and a premium one.

Time management is one of the most important things college students have to learn. Apps like Google Calendar and RescueTime can help with the learning curve.

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