How Proper Scheduling Can Bring Balance To Your College Life

Let’s cut straight to the chase, college life is incredibly busy for the vast majority of students. It is a period of life when young people are having to create their own schedule for the first time ever. What they may not know is that a little proper scheduling may help bring better balance to their over-packed days. 

Start By Scheduling Sleep

It may sound unusual to worry about scheduling sleep first, but it should be a large portion of one’s day. There are reasons to be concerned with how much sleep you are getting as well. explains why this is a primary concern,

According to the University Health Center at The University of Georgia, lack of sleep could lead you to feel more stressed out, resulting in a decreased academic performance and a higher chance of suffering from depression and anxiety. Getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night as frequently as possible is recommended.

This is a serious concern for college students, and that is why scheduling needs to start with the most important activity, which is sleep.

Collaborative Scheduling And Study Groups 

Studying in groups proves to be highly productive for a lot of students. The following benefits are frequently reported.

  • Better understanding of the material
  • Better social bonds with their classmates
  • Ability to share information with their classmates

Scheduling one’s group meetings does require that one work on the collaborative aspect of their life. It is necessary to work around everyone’s schedule in the group to find a time that works for all. Oftentimes right after class may be a good choice.

Using A Planner

There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned planner to keep your life in order. If you are going to work on all of these scheduling ideas, then making sure that you keep it all written down on paper is a good idea. Planners are inexpensive, but the value that they add to one’s life is almost immeasurable.

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