How Digital Textbooks Are Changing The College Landscape

Buying books is something every college student learns to dread. Not only do you have to buy expensive textbooks, but you have to do it at the start of every semester. There are however several options students can pursue to try to save some money. 

Digital textbooks are considerably cheaper than physical books. Many publishers now offer them and students can access them on their desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Depending on the publisher, you’ll either access the textbook from a URL or from a saved file.

Another benefit of digital textbooks is that they help students study more effectively. Because you can access your textbook from your phone, you don’t have to worry about forgetting it at home. You can read chapters and do homework when you have a few minutes of spare time no matter where you are.

A recent Vital Source survey reports that students are more productive with digital textbooks. According to the survey, students say that these books are more interactive and help them stay organized:

“Students say the most helpful technology is interactive textbooks, with 31% agreeing the top benefit is that they make lessons easier to understand; 23% say they help them complete assignments more quickly; 21% say digital textbooks help them stay more organized.”

Even if you purchase several digital textbooks, it’s not hard to stay organized. Unlike with physical textbooks, if you choose the wrong book, you don’t have to drive back home. You simply have to click back on your phone and open a new file.

Moreover, you can transfer your note-taking to digital devices, too. With apps like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote, you can take notes on your phone and access them from all of your other devices.

So in conclusion, digital textbooks are helping college students stay organized, and they’re a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new textbooks from publishers.

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