A Beginner’s Guide To Unsigned And Indie Music

So you’re looking into unsigned and indie music, but you’re not sure how to start. Look no further, as we present the beginner’s guide to this practice.

Music is everywhere and a lot of it sounds alike. Most everything on the radio is formulaic which is great for the masses but not terribly interesting. If you’re like most people who search for different sounds and excitement in music, you need look no further than unsigned and indie music. It’s usually unsigned and indie music where you’re able to hear bands who are trying to stand out and create their own sound. Because of their independence, they’re able to do what they want, when they want to. They pay no piper which affords them a lot of freedom.

A few ways to source unsigned and indie music:

  1. Local Clubs – If you’re looking for unsigned and indie bands, look no further than the local club. If it houses live music, you’ll get to see local bands earning their spurs. It’s also where regional bands come through while on tour, earning their keep while selling CDs, vinyl and shirts. It’s usually the better local bands who open for these rising regional acts. And national acts come to some of the better clubs bringing, at times, a supporting band they like to listen to. It’s a good way to see a band about to breakthrough and it’s also a good time to have access to these musicians. If you buy them a beer, they’ll be more than happy to talk to you about the bands they were influenced by and who they listen to. If you buy them a second beer or, better yet, offer them a floor to sleep on, they’ll never forget you.
  2. The Big Takeover Magazine – The Big Takeover is the guide for all things great in music. They cover a lot of well-known indie bands through interviews and articles. Jack Rabid’s magazine exhaustively reviews just about every album and EP that comes through their door. And the great thing about their reviews is that you will know after reading them, the four or five other bands that the reviewed band sounded like. So if you want to learn about unsigned indie bands and don’t want to waste a week searching endless stretches of the Sound Cloud highway, pick this magazine up, spend one day reading it, and you will spend a lifetime thanking it.
  3. College Radio – If you want to learn about unsigned and indie music, you must work at your local college radio station. Even if the station’s not great, you’ll have access to everything. Plus you’re one hour show at four in the morning on Sundays will be an amazing showcase of music no one has ever heard, or will ever hear (because it’s at four in the morning). But you’ll feel good about it, knowing you’re showcasing an unsigned band from North Dakota, drinking your coffee and reading the Big Takeover. College radio is a great way to learn about the industry and a great way to meet others just like yourself.
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