As college debts keep mounting and jobs keep disappearing, many students and their families are beginning to question the worth of a college degree. After all, today’s hottest start-ups and most influential entrepreneurs are not attributing their success to a prestigious university or fancy degree title, but rather to their innate talents, their ability to think creatively and to adapt to a changing atmosphere in every industry. So how can college help? Can you learn life skills there or are you stuck wasting your parents’ hard-earned money on useless titles?

Guess what? Much like everything in life, the value of a college experience rests in what you put into it. If you are willing to put in the work, college can be the single most valuable investment you will ever make. Here are three priceless skills that college will teach you, having nothing to do with your major or GPA

  1. Working Well Under Pressure

Chances are you will never have to write three fifteen-page research papers in one week after you graduate from college. But after pulling off that kind of crazy stunt, can any report or presentation really pose a challenge? In all seriousness, college students are juggling more work and pressure every single day than most people in the workforce would know what to do with. Reading hundreds of pages on the most inane objects, cramming ridiculous amounts of information in your head the night before a final, and perfecting your…ahem…argumentation abilities all comes from doing what you’re supposed to do in college. When you are interviewing for those jobs or writing those resumes, don’t forget to include these suckers in the “skills” section.

  1. Multi-tasking

Let’s face it, as a college student you have about three full-time jobs. There is your daytime job of going to class, your after-school job of getting all your work done, and your nighttime job of maintaining a busy social life. Multi-tasking is second nature to you, and you will never have to do as much of it as you do during these four years.

  1. Getting Your Narrative Down

When you are a rich and powerful mogul, you may not need this so much but when you are just starting out, applying for jobs, going on interviews and networking, knowing how to present and talk about yourself is surprisingly important and surprisingly underrepresented. College is primarily where this all-important skill and its content is developed. You will understand more about who you are and what you want, you will learn to talk to grown-ups like a fellow grown-up, and you will get the hang of making your own decisions. This is prime adult-making experience, people! This is where your story begins.

College is without a doubt as important as it is expensive and chances are, if you attend you will never regret it. There is much to be said for this vital step into adulthood.

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