The search for college internships isn’t what it used to be. For one, students are expected to be proactive in their search for unpaid internships. Companies aren’t going to come looking for you, since they receive hundreds of applications from eager students willing to work for free. 

To get you started on your internship, here are three websites that you can browse: is great for finding internship positions relevant to your field of study. All you do is type in your major and location and look at the available positions.

It’s important to remember that applying online isn’t the only thing you should do. If you’re really interested in a specific internship, then you should call the company after a week to restate your interest in the job. This is one of the ways companies narrow down the list of applicants who receive interviews. is different from in that it specializes in non-profit work. Sometimes it’s difficult to find paid internships at big companies. But if you’re truly passionate about your field of study, then you can get great experience by working at a non-profit organization.

Remember that these positions are often about networking and getting practical experience. Internship experience at a non-profit organization looks just as good on a resume as experience at a large corporation.

Your college’s career services webpage 

Your best chance at landing an internship is probably right on your college’s website. Take a look at your school’s career services page and see if there are any relevant positions available. Also make sure to meet with a representative and express your interest in an internship. They may offer you an application that wasn’t advertised on the website.

When it comes to internships, your best bet is to apply for several and hope that you receive multiple offers. By browsing these websites, you’ll have many chances to find work in the spring semester or during summer.

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