Make Student Services Your Best Friend In College

Well, here you are! College! The independent thing is great for about five minutes and then you realize that you have to do your own laundry, somehow manage to feed yourself every few hours, AND still wake up in time to get to class. The struggle continues, but there is help. Just like your nagging, but ultimately necessary parents back home, the Student Services office at your school can be a resource and a friend. Here’s how:

They Have All the Answers

When’s the last day to add a class? They know that. Is there some kind of after-hours bus that can drag you to your dorm after you partied a bit too hard? They can help with that too. Basically, even though they probably won’t be able to tell you where the hottest party is happening, the Student Services office is the pulse beat on your college campus. Don’t worry about looking silly, if you have a question, go and ask it. Let these people do their jobs and make your life a little easier.

They Can Help You Pass Your Classes

Although student services offices vary from college to college, almost all have academic advising and the registrar under their umbrella. What does this mean for you? It means that they can help you figure out strategies on how to study better, how to manage your time, or how to find the least offensive math class for your skill level. These guys are basically pros at getting you to pass everything and make mommy and daddy proud.

They Can Be Your Advocate

Chances are, during your four years at college you will get sick, have a family emergency, have a disagreement with a professor, or face the possibility of not graduating on time. If any of these happen, your student services office will be there to make sure that someone speaks up on your behalf. They will contact your professors and advisors if you need to be off campus for some time; they can also facilitate mediations between you and that less-than-friendly faculty member that’s out to get you. And, because they really only want to see you for the required four years, they will do their best to find a last-minute course to fulfill a requirement so that you can have that diploma in hand.

We all need help sometimes, especially when finding ourselves in a new and stressful environment. Think of Student Services as College Made Easier. They can and will gladly be your home away from home.

Want more tips on how to stay okay at college? Just keep reading and feel free to give us any feedback you may have.

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