In its humble beginnings Facebook was only accessible to those who attended a college or university. Things are different at Facebook now of course. The world’s largest social network is available to nearly everyone with Internet access. Perhaps it is time to rethink social networking and what closed college networks could really mean to people. Yik Yak is exploring that very notion.

Gossip In College: As Old As Time Itself

Colleges often call themselves “the marketplace of ideas”. That idea is more realistic in the sense of gossip being traded among students. College students like to share their thoughts with one another, and many times those thoughts are of a gossip type nature. Yik Yak is the perfect app for these types of interactions.

This app only works within a mile and a half of a college campus, so if one is not within those parameters, then it is not accessible. This means that generally only those who populate a college campus would have access to it, which is the way that college students like it.

Lighthearted Sharing With A Purpose

The sense of community on Yik Yak is very strong. Since the users are limited to a very small and defined geographical area, they tend to know one another. Even if users do not know each other personally, they are likely able to relate to the experiences of one another. They access the same buildings, attend the same classes, and deal with the same on campus problems that everyone else does.

One Of The Fastest Growing Apps Out There

Yik Yak has seen phenomenal growth rates in its short lifespan. explains it in this way,

Yik Yak won’t say how many people are using its network. But according to Google Play, the app has been downloaded between 1 million and 5 million times on Android devices. It is ranked within the top 10 most downloaded social media apps in the US, and is commonly in the top 50 overall free iPhone apps, despite being only about a year old.

This app is growing quickly but is certainly not for everyone. There have already been a couple of incidents on college campuses that have not shown the app in the best light. However, these are merely speed bumps in the continued success of this brand.

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