3 Social Networking Tips For The Young Professional

There are many different aspects to successfully networking through social media. One is making sure that your image is as clean and professional as you would want it to be in real life. These are three helpful tips that you should try to polish up your social media profiles. Once your image is clean and appropriate, you can continue on with your social networking.

Go With the Cocktail Party Approach

Use this as a rule of thumb: don’t say anything on your social media accounts that you wouldn’t say to someone you just met at a cocktail party. Keep your dialogue clean, respectful, and professional. The things you write on social media are permanent and you don’t want something you say to come back and bite you later.

Get Another’s Opinion

Ask a close friend or family member to take a look at your social media accounts like Facebook and have them tell you what they think might not be appropriate on your profiles. You might even ask several people of different generations to have a look, as you will encounter different generations in the work force. Take down anything that they point out might poorly affect your professional image. It is good to get an outsider’s perspective on something you might have missed.

Do a Sweeping

On a regular basis, look through anything you might have posted, a post you might have been included in, or photos you have been tagged in and remove anything that would be deemed unprofessional. From now on, consider your social media profiles to be your resume on the internet. Only put up things that will be beneficial to your reputation.

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