Social Networking As A Tool To Build Your Career

Social networking is not just squabbling with girls from school and sending baby pictures to your mom. It is more important than ever to network one’s self to gain a firm standing with companies, which in turn can help build a promising career. If you seem interested in a company and build a relationship with its employees, then you are more likely to get a job than if you had not done that ground work. However, strong work alone does not mean a guaranteed job. Although a well put together and strong portfolio/resume is an important aspect of showing a company that you have the “right stuff,” it definitely is not everything. Companies want to see that you are the right fit for them. Showing you are able to communicate well holds just as much precedence as being able to do good work, which is especially true in the entertainment field. A well-rounded employee is able to fill more of a void than a one-dimensional worker.

Recruitment services have an immense network of companies and in-the-know contacts that can help you in your job search. Recruitment companies have built reputable businesses that can help you to build your resume/portfolio and social network to make you out to be the valuable commodity you are.

The best way to build your social network is to spend some time on it. There are resources there to help you along your path to a fantastic career. Websites like Twitter and LinkedIn are set up to help you connect to businesses easily. Twitter is very easy to communicate through without making yourself look bad because of the low word count they allow in their posts. LinkedIn is set up for the professional and even shows you how you are connected to people who work at the company you are aspiring toward.

Social Networking is not something that happens overnight. Building your reputation will be difficult, but with hard work and the tools readily available to you your path is not insurmountable. Best of luck out there!

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