3 Benefits Of An International Internship

In recent years, internships have become a pretty standard part of a college experience. While no one’s complaining about the trend, it does bear saying that the more students who do internships, the less exciting that starts to look to an employer. Want to really stand out and take the next step in making yourself marketable? Try getting a leg up through an international internship! Here are three reasons this could be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself:

  1. Declare Your Independence

Sure, college makes you independent. At least now you’re doing your own laundry and foraging for your own meals, but you still pretty much rely on the kindness of strangers (professors, advisors, RAs) and/or your parents to get you along comfortably. Interning abroad will jet you into a whole new level of independence, one that probably jumps over “getting a job” and “living on your own” because, guess what? You are getting a job AND living on your own…in another country! The confidence and experience that you will gain is like no other and that can only help you in whatever future venture you set out upon.

  1. Global Competency Makes You a Guru

The world is shrinking, kids. Globalization, the Internet, economic markets, everything is pushing us to play well together. In order to do this, we first have to understand each other. This is why acquiring global competency makes you an incredibly appealing job seeker, and person. You now know more about the world than 54% of Americans! Pretty cool, huh? When you add that to all that new-found independence, you become unstoppable!

  1. A Whole New Perspective, A Whole New You

Going along with this new and improved you, think about this: your chosen field of interest is a whole different ball of wax in another country. Even if that country speaks English and uses dollars (Australians, Canadians and the Brits all do!) their way of doing business isn’t just a carbon copy of ours. So whether you’ve already done a domestic internship or just have a strong interest in a certain industry, working internationally will give you an incredibly new and fresh way of looking at everything that industry produces. Yet again, a win for you, a win for your future employer. It’s literally a win-win!

What do you have to lose? Become a global citizen, learn more about yourself, your country and your field of interest and do it all with the promise of home and comfort just around the bend. Don’t worry, you can sleep in till noon next summer!

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