Why You Should Pursue What You Love In College

You’ve decided to take out some loans and get started with college life. Your parents have told you that you have to major in something practical, like engineering or business, or they won’t support you. On top of that, you’ve been told your entire life that money is the most important thing when choosing a career path. However, getting a degree in a field you don’t like can backfire.

Many college students in the current economy have finished their degrees, only to find that there is no job waiting for them. Some never find a job in their field, or others who do end up getting burned out. The burn out is caused by not doing what they love.

Doing what you love is very under-rated in our society. Instead, many people end up chasing after money, at the expense of everything thing else. While making money is a necessity, it will not give your life meaning, as those needs come from a deeper place.

Listen to your heart. If it is strongly leading you in a certain direction, then follow your instincts. Decisions made from the heart are more satisfying than decisions made logically or with others’ input. Your heart will lead you in the right way if you are also willing to work hard at doing whatever you set out to do.

Ignoring your heart and choosing a major solely for financial reasons is not the road to career longevity. You will most likely find yourself changing jobs or struggling from burn out in the field you chose. Following a path you are passionate about from the beginning leads to greater happiness and fulfillment. And money often follows happiness since you work harder and more intently when you love something. That is a secret that most have to learn the hard way but that you just learned.

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