Application Development

icon48_appDevelopment  APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT

Internet application development for dynamic, data driven architectures utilizing ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL, mySQL, XML, AJAX.

Internet application development for dynamic and data driven architectures is more than throwing a few lines of code together with a good looking design.  Applications designed for today’s market need to do more, scale faster and be more intuitive than ever.

In most cases applications are developed because someone is looking to solve a problem or at least make something easier, those initial ideas then need to be refined and a strategy to design and implement them has to be put in place.  Once your plan is in place you need to actually do the work to turn the idea into an application, this includes making sure that you’ve solved the known issues and are ready to react to the changing market.

eoMedia Group understands what it takes to turn your Brainstorm into a market ready solution.

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Hosting Solutions

icon48_hosting HOSTING SOLUTIONS

Dedicated, Cloud, Email, Streaming & Hosting Solutions.  The latest WordPress CMS, ColdFusion and dB solutions (mySQL, msSQL).

eoMedia Group’s hosting is located in Denver, CO in a highly secure  mile 0 carrier loop data center with raised flooring, uninterruptible and back-up power and operates with a multi-carrier 100Mb bandwidth mesh.  Our goal is to provide focused quality hosting solutions that exceed our clients needs rather than try and be a one-stop-shop for everything.

Cloud & Managed

We’ll work with you to find the solution(s) that best fits your needs, no one size fits all.  Our hosting is managed to ensure the scalability and reliability that our clients demand, not to mention that we run our own stuff here as well to ensure it’s as important to us as it is to you.

  • WordPress – v3+, PHP5+, mySQL 5+
  • ColdFusion – v9, enterprise, mySQL 5+, msSQL 2008 R2
  • Shoutcast –  v1.9.8, relay streaming, port 80, unmetered
  • Windows Media –  v9, on-demand, broadcast, port 80, unmetered
  • Email – webmail or installed client, spam & virus protection, attachments

Colocation & Managed

If you’re looking for a place to host your own server our service is perfect for the enterprise looking for DR, testing, media relay or any high bandwidth needs.

  • 3 Mbps unmetered bandwidth (100 Mbps port) *
  • 3 IP Addresses *
  • No setup fees!
  • Basic Managed Firewall routing *
  • 1U at $85/mo

* = Additional options available

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icon48_consulting CONSULTING

There are times you may have a specific vision in mind with all the details worked out, other times you might need a little help connecting all the dots.

We’re happy to help be that final pair of eyes before you complete your project, or we can get involved early on and contribute to the entire process.  We’re here to help you realize your vision and provide the level of input and guidance that is the best fit for your project.

eoMedia Group can get you to your goals by helping convey technical solutions, architecture and designs in language and concepts that are readily understood even by non-technical people.

Whether your at the idea stage, development path, BETA release or already in production we can help reach your goals more quickly.

A few of the areas we can help you in are;

  • Concept & Market Strategy
  • Best Practices
  • Code Review
  • Scalability & Load Architecture
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Streaming & Media


We understand streaming media as we wrote the code for, an internet radio for Unsigned & Limited Release Artists.

In 2003 approximately 6 in 10 US households had an internet connection, of which approximately 20% were considered broadband.  By 2010 that rate has climbed to approximately 8 in 10 US household and approximately 35% broadband with little signs of slowing.

Why do we mention this?

Streaming media is a growing medium globally and understanding how media plays a role in your business applications is something we truly understand.  We’ve been involved in developing streaming applications since 2003 with the development of eoRadio, an internet radio station.

In 2003 streaming media was anything but cheap and building a radio station that utilized bandwidth effectively was an important challenge.  While bandwidth has certainly gotten cheaper over the years, optimization and proper usage of streaming technology is still critical to running any business and especially true for those people running internet radio stations, or even terrestrial stations which simulcast to the web.

While it’s true that a number of people could stream live music in 2003 it’s not until recently that critical mass has been reached with a truly size-able, savvy online audience where these internet stations can hope to compete with terrestrial radio.

eoMedia Group is not only a great resource for streaming media, all of the individuals at the company are big fans of independent music,  it’s something we’re really passionate about and would love to help you maximize your potential with streaming media.

Windows Media, Flash Media Server, Shoutcast, Real, etc.

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Feature Film


We understand indie filmmaking because we’ve done it.  If you’re looking for a company that can be a good partner let us know.


Have you been developing a film project, or perhaps you’ve just completed a film and realize it’s time to get your online presence put together?  We understand indie films and can work with you to make sure that you get the type of online site that matches your goals, and your budget.

Here’s a feature film form one of our principals.

Raising The Stakes

Joseph Will is a man in his twenties faced with a job that he hates, a relationship that’s going nowhere, and he’s about to meet the women of his dreams. As with all dreams, he’s about to find that the reality is never the same.

Produced & Directed by  Ryan B. Smith
Executive Producers Ryan B. Smith, David Noble, Richard Cook
Written by Richard Cook, Steve Posusta
Starring Richard Cook, Jay Casey, Courtney Moorehead, David Russell, Andra Wasilik


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