ColdFusion is a powerful and versatile web technology that has survived a server rewrite as well as company buyouts over the years.  It has its roots in the dotcom explosion but has stayed strong throughout this evolution into Web 2.0 and is continuing to reinvent itself for the cloud and mobile worlds.  Currently at version 10, the technology is still strong and ColdFusion developers can create robust and scalable applications using only a minimum of effort with the platform.

Over the years it has faced competition from technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails and PHP, among others, and has endured ongoing speculation and discussion about its inevitable demise.  Despite all of this it has managed to not only survive, but actually thrive and expand its features, capabilities and reach.

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YouTube, Vimeo and a host of other user-driven video sites have certainly changed the game as far as delivering media to the world. However, given the sheer volume of videos uploaded and streamed to sites such as this, quality and length usually need to be sacrificed.  If you have worked and poured your soul into a film project, you very likely want the public presentation of your film, even for promotional purposes, to be its absolute best.  On top of this, you will want an online presence for your film that will match your vision and provide high quality video on the largest range of devices possible, given the importance of mobile media in the modern world.

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