The key to any successful crowdfunding campaign is having a project that reverberates with your intended audience.  We’ve got five ways to improve your tactics for your crowdfunding campaign and, let’s face it, that’s a great goal.  Let’s get started.

  • Vision and strategy: When your initiative’s vision and strategy align with the aspirations of the crowd, it provides a greater chance of them looking deeper into your company. 
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Crowdfunding has become a fairly well-known and steady success, funding all kinds of projects from cancer-fighting supercomputers to alternatives to Teflon cooking surfaces to new albums from multinational recording artists and small local bands.  It is absolutely a viable tool these days for any startup that is attempting to raise capital.

You may, however, ask why the crowdsourced funding model has been on a donation-basis only, with the donor often getting some sort of perk from the project that has met its funding goals.

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