It’s December, and it’s time to get the party started.  Your next get-together could be put together a lot more smoothly with LetsMeetAtJoes.  This is a SaaS (Software as a Service) or a “hosted” solution that can link up all your friends and family to let your holiday party come together seamlessly.

We all know how it goes.  You’re thinking to yourself how great it would be to get all the family together at your brother’s house (with the nice game room, big screen TV, etc.) maybe the weekend before Christmas.  So you call your mom who insists your gathering be at her house on Christmas day as to not upset tradition. 

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We’ve all been there; you’re trying to plan a get-together with a handful of friends, co-workers or relatives. You’re the designated go between who has to juggle everyone’s schedules, preferences and whims. You’re finding a location that everyone can get to (and wants to come to), you’re calling and texting back and forth to verify the scheduling, and wracking your brain to make sure you remembered everyone and all the while just trying to stay sane. At this point in the scheduling process, you’re wondering, “why am I doing this again?”

Unfortunately, with all of the technological advancements available to us, all the social networks and plethora of web options how do you find the single solution that is flexible enough to work for a small group of 3 or your association of 500?

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So you’ve got a college reunion to plan. Fifteen of your once closest friends who have, since those good ole days, relocated to various parts of the United States now all want to get together…somewhere…some place. Seems like a very daunting task. Everyone has families, jobs and commitments that it seems very unlikely that a date and/or time will ever be found.

Collaborative scheduling is nothing new in the world of business when someone needs to plan a meeting. Someone sends an email with a few days and times for a company meeting, everyone types in their availability and the day that works for all, is the day for the meeting. But fifteen friends from across the country is a little different story.

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