Starting in the mid-nineties, Internet radio has greatly changed the music scene and how music is delivered.  Instead of having to manually search for a song you may like, that may or may not be on when you are searching for it, Internet radio allows us to search for our favorite genres and find a station that accompanies our individual tastes.  It’s convenient, unique and with the number of choices available you can usually find one of good quality.

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If you’ve listened to streaming music online, chances are you’ve already experienced Internet radio.  While the concept of Internet radio has been around since the early to mid-90s, it’s only really taken off since broadband internet connections became more viable toward the start of the next decade.

Internet radio itself consists of audio transmissions that work much like terrestrial radio; however, instead of having a radio signal broadcast over analog channels, Internet radio broadcasts over the Internet, enabling the station to reach an infinite number of computers and other Internet-enabled devices.

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