It is no secret that the Linux community keeps a close watch on Microsoft.  Even though the once-mighty OS giant from Redmond isn’t the force that it used to be, many still like to keep an eye out for Microsoft not using its own tools and operating system for its business needs.  After all, Microsoft’s tool suites and platforms have overwhelmingly been geared toward the B2B market, and so they should be ideal for the company’s own needs, right?  However, as long as there have been Linux verses Windows feuding, stories such as this, pointing out that Microsoft used Akamai’s Linux-based site acceleration service, typically generate waves in the tech blogosphere.

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The future of the U.S. economy is being built around entrepreneurship and innovation.  If an economy grows worse with jobs becoming scarcer, you’ll find more people willing to take the risk to try to start their own company.  In the U.S. this startup revolution is reinventing the economy and reshaping business as we know it, but more importantly, changing the quality of life around the entire world.

Why wouldn’t you want to build a Start-up / New Tech company when opportunity is knocking on your door?  Here are 5 conditions that make it more favorable to create a Start-up / New Tech company:

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