Today, startups have the advantage of being able to use social networking in an effective way without making some of the early mistakes made by others.

A great advanced social networking strategy for startups would include the following:

The Pitch- Businesses are using the social networks as a marketing avenue just like many of their other marketing avenues.  However, audiences are not the same across all social networks, therefore, the pitch given to viewers on one social network may have to be tailored a bit differently for another network.  The demographics of the site might justify changing the message, because there is always the chance that what passes as perfectly acceptable on one social network could be seen as spam on another.

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The internet gives people worldwide access to ventures they may never have seen otherwise.  With a crowdfunding campaign you can expose your idea, product or cause to a broad audience who can in turn help you get your ideas off the ground.  In order to get people interested in what you are doing you’ll need to provide them with more details about how your business, product or cause works.  The following are a few marketing tips to get visitors to your crowdfunding campaign.

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Social Media is a preferred marketing method among start-ups for two very good reasons; it’s free and it’s effective. Here are five ways to keep it working for you.

  1. Consistency is King.  Stay Awake! In the beginning we all feel that enthusiasm as we set up our social networking accounts.  We spend the time to figure out how to use them and we connected them all to each other so that our social media marketing universe was in perfect order. The next thing we know, we’ve failed to post an update for two months. When this happens don’t feel bad, and don’t try to catch up.  Just jump back in with both feet.  Your Facebook page needs a daily update, your blog needs a weekly update and your Twitter account needs as much updating as you can stand.
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